7 Fantastic Foods that can Really Boost Your Mood and Energy Levels Naturally

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Sometimes you can just really feel flat, would you agree? When it’s like you’re not in the mood to do anything at all. Everyone feels like this at some point, but for some it may be a persistent feeling that doesn’t really make you feel good at all. It may also rear its ugly head when you can’t afford it, such as when you need to get that project done in order to meet the deadline.

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So what can you do for a quick and simple pick me up?

Well by simply trying any of these foods, they should really help boost energy and mood levels naturally, especially when you desperately need it:

The 7 Foods that Can Boost Energy and Mood Levels Naturally


  1. Fresh fruits. Fruits tend to make for great breakfasts and snacks. They contain natural sugar that can really perk you right back up. Apples and Bananas in particular are great fruits to eat if you need a natural lift.


If you’re into doing healthy juice cleanses, then fruits also make for fabulous juices and smoothies, which are very convenient in the morning. Blueberries aren’t just healthy, but they can help you focus on your tasks. You can also put in strawberries in your blender, as they taste terrific and their high vitamin C content will help your body convert fat cells into energy.

Tropical fruits such as pineapple are also great, as they contain iodine which helps regulate how quickly your body burns up the energy. With fruits like pineapple, you get energy for the whole day, and not just for a few minutes.

  1. Nuts. Have a packet of almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews on your desk as you work. They taste great, but they also provide lots of magnesium that your body uses to convert your sugar intake into energy.


They also contain fiber to maintain your blood sugar levels, as well as protein so you don’t feel hungry right away.

  1. Dark chocolate. It’s not a cliché for nothing that many people in a bad mood use chocolate to cope. That’s because the taste is heavenly, of course. Also, it contains a stimulant called theobromine that resembles caffeine, so it really boosts your mood and your energy. But it doesn’t contain caffeine at all.


In fact, many US soldiers in WWII had chocolate bars as part of their meal rations. Just make sure you get the dark kind, mind you. Milk chocolate isn’t as healthy, as the milk messes with how your body absorbs the antioxidants in the chocolate.

Make sure to stay away from white chocolate since it doesn’t help with blood pressure and will spike insulin sensitivity which you certainly don’t want.

  1.  Asparagus. Veggies are always good for you, but this particular vegetable works well for a pick-upper for lunch when you seem to need to doze off in the afternoon.


That’s because it contains tryptophan that helps with the production of serotonin, which is one of the brain’s main neurotransmitters that regulate your mood. It contains folate too, and this also helps elevate your mood.

It also has lots of B vitamins that work to turn the carb in your food into glucose that your body uses as energy fuel. It also has lots of fiber that keeps your blood sugar levels steady.

So when you’re eating a healthy salad for lunch, you may want to get fresh asparagus as part of your meal if they’re in season. They’ll help you through the afternoon without the absolute need for a long siesta.

  1. Sauerkraut. Some people like it with their hot dogs and bratwurst for the taste, but that’s not the only thing going for it. That’s because this fermented cabbage is loaded with probiotics, which really helps your gut digest your food much more efficiently.


You may be feeling tired because your energy is spent mostly on digesting your food, so you don’t have much energy left. Since the sauerkraut leads to more efficient digestion, you don’t need as much energy for the task so you get more energy for everything else.

  1. Eggs. Haven’t you ever wondered why so many people insist on eggs for their breakfasts all over the world? It’s not just for the taste and for the varied ways you can prepare it. It’s actually a proven energy source for the whole day.


Eggs come with high amounts of protein and iron. What’s more, they have the B vitamins that help turn food into energy.

  1. Whole grain toast. No list of energy food is complete without mentioning carbohydrates, as these make up as much as 60% of the energy the body needs to actually function. But there’s good carb and bad carb, and for good carbs you want whole grain toast.


Whole grain toast offer good carbs because the complex carbs they provide come with lots of vitamins and minerals. Whole grains prevent surges in your blood sugar the next time you eat, which then leads to fewer instances of the dreaded sugar energy crashes. These crashes happen more often when you eat or drink refined carbs, which you find in super-processed foods and sugary confections.

So the next time you have a sandwich for breakfast, use whole grain toast (with egg). In the afternoon, you can also snack on granola bars or whole grain crackers. These will give you the healthy energy boosts you want so that you get the energy you need for work or household chores.


You may have noticed that we left out coffee and other caffeinated drinks on this list. That’s a deliberate omission, since too much coffee during the day isn’t really good for you in the long run.

Coffee cup on grey background (seen from above)

Coffee cup on grey background (seen from above)

Not only do you become an addict to the stuff, but it also leads to rather restless nights when your sleep patterns get messed up. And when you don’t get enough good sleep at night, you wake up tired and moody the next day.

So take the items we put on this list instead. You’ll be chipper in no time, and you’ll feel a lot better!

Joana is the editor in chief over at The Juice Chief. She’s a prolific blogger with a bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition and is deeply passionate about organic juicing, nutrition and fitness. She also loves helping others succeed with their health goals.



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