Guest Posting For 4-Hour BODY Girl

The 4-Hour BODY Girl is always looking for bloggers to guest post. You can either to contribute to a series or write a standalone post or posts. I will consider pretty much any topic as long is it is tied (somehow) to the topic of health, fitness and Low Carb/Slow Carb. As an FYI – my blog is known for its honest, brave and authentic voice, and I would expect that if you are considering posting, you would have an honest, brave and authentic approach to your submission.

If you have a topic in mind and you aren’t quite sure if it’s suitable, email me and run it past me.

Guest post question |


1. Guest post rules

Terms and conditions:

Please read my terms and conditions so you are clear about the sort of material I won’t accept (racist, homophobic, pornographic, sexist etc. – the usual suspects) and what happens to the content you submit (ownership, modifications etc.). Basically: my blog, my rules.

I unreservedly reserve the right to reject your submission. Again: my blog, my rules.

No blatant advertising:

Please don’t write a post that sells your services, your products or your expertise.

Your content can be repurposed or unique:

I really don’t mind if you repurposed material you’ve already written, after all, if it’s good enough for the Huffington Post to accept repurposed material, it’s good enough for me!


Please ensure that you include links to enhance your post, and add to the reading experience for my readers. Keep them to a maximum of 5.


Write for humans. Posts that are stuffed with keywords will be doomed to a special kind of hell.

2. Style Guide


Your article should be anywhere from 1000-3000 words. My readers like longer posts.


Your title should be around 70 characters in length and give the reader a succinct feel for what the post is about. 


Please use them. I’m happy to add the H1, H2, H3 etc. tags.

Bulleted lists:

Use them where appropriate and relevant.

Follow the Yoast layout format, making your title the Focus keyword, and using that Focus keyword throughout the post in a natural way, making sure to bold it. 

The focus keyword has to appear in the first paragraph of the copy. Make sure the topic is clear immediately.

Use your focus keyword in any subheading (such as an H2) in your copy

3. Other inclusions:

Pictures, graphics or images:

If you submit a picture with your post, it will need to be 600 pixels wide and a .jpg or.png. If the picture is not one of yours (i.e. you didn’t take it or you don’t own it) you will need to mention the source and include a link. Please make sure they are a good quality images that are reflective throughout our blog.

The images on this page contain alt attributes with the focus keyword

A bio:

Please include a bio with your post. 100-150 words is adequate and I am happy for you to include links to your website, email, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest, etc. profiles.

A picture of you:

Please ensure you submit a headshot – it will be used in your bio at the top of the post. Please ensure it is 600 pixels wide.

4. Post promotion

My distribution:

My content (which will include your content) goes out to my newsletter subscribers, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. It may be picked up by other blogs and blog aggregators.

Your distribution

Please feel free to distribute your post through your own network, via social media and respond promptly to any comments.

5. Process for submission

Email me your content with your images, with GUEST POST SUBMISSION in the subject title, with a brief overview of your post in the body.

Attach your file as either a HTML (.txt) or Word document.

I will then confirm acceptance of your post via email, with further instructions (if any), or a polite decline (with comments).

If I request clarification or edits, please respond ASAP. I reserve the right to edit the content for grammar, spelling, clarity etc.

Your post will be scheduled as soon as practicable and you will be advised of the date.

Please note: when you guest post, you will automatically be subscribed to my newsletter.