Can You Achieve Fitness by Following YouTube Channels?

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Can You Achieve Fitness by Following YouTube Channels?

There’s a lot of myths when it comes to fitness, but maybe the biggest one is you have to go to the gym if you want to get fit. If you’re like a lot of people, the thought of going to the gym doesn’t give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. It’s probably more like dread. Luckily, you don’t need a gym membership or a ton of time to get in shape. There are dozens of fitness YouTube channels you can try in the comfort of your own home.

Why YouTube Channels for Fitness?

Can You Achieve Fitness by Following YouTube Channels?

People may give you a lot of reasons why they prefer fitness YouTube channels over the gym, but the common thread is flexibility.

  • You can do your favorite workout routine whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for a class or a machine to free up like at the gym.
  • You can take your workout anywhere. Since the videos are online, you have access to them even when you travel. Depending on where you are, you may run into some geo-restrictions. Luckily, there are some good Virtual Private Networks for YouTube that can help you gain access to your favorite channels.
  • You can choose what kind of workout you want. Not in the mood for HIIT? There are plenty of other options, from yoga to aerobics to weight training. That means there’s plenty of variety so you’ll never get bored.

Of course, because there are so many different options, it can be difficult to find quality videos, especially if you’re just getting started. Below are some great YouTube channels. Remember, you actually need to exercise with the videos, not just watch them to see improvements. 

Zuzka Light

There’s a reason why Zuzka remains one of the top YouTube fitness channels. Her workouts may seem intimidating at first, but she walks you through each step slowly in the beginning. This way, you can ensure you’re using the correct form before stepping up the intensity. She even provides some alternative forms for people who might have bad knees or other limitations. Most of her workouts require little or no equipment, so you don’t need to spend a lot of extra money for weights. Like other fitness gurus, Zuzka encourages you to push yourself but always at your own pace. What’s more, these workouts will get you in shape so long as you stick with the program. 


After trying out a couple of Casey’s workouts, you’ll wonder how the heck she keeps smiling. Luckily, her bubbly and cheerful persona motivate you to keep going. It’s certainly not easy, and if you’ve never done Pilates before, you probably want to start with the beginner workouts. There are dozens of workouts on the Blogilates YouTube channel focusing on different areas of your body. Each video runs at most 15 minutes but are generally shorter. Casey walks you through each of the moves slowly, so take your time and make sure you have the proper form. Otherwise, these workouts will be pretty much useless. If you’re just watching the videos, these workouts might seem really easy, but after you repeat them a few times, you’ll start feeling the burn. 

Bad Yogi

Don’t let the name fool you. Bad Yogi is actually a great channel if you’re just getting started with yoga. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have perfect form; this channel will help you improve it with short tutorials and more full-length videos. Besides learning new yoga poses, you’ll also get advice on nutrition and life tips to stay motivated even if things in your life aren’t perfect. If you’re serious about yoga, there’s also challenges so you can really start incorporating it into your lifestyle. Erin, the owner of the channel, offers different types of yoga as well to work out different areas or to relax. 


Barre has become the new “big” thing in the fitness world. If you don’t want to pay for expensive classes but still want to get that body, then SofaBar might be a great option for you. The instructor is a bit different from your typical barre instructor, though. She’s a figure skater, not a ballerina. With that said, she offers some excellent at-home workouts that require minimal equipment. And if you’re interested in figure skating, she also offers advice on how to do some moves so you can up your game when at your local ice rink. Be warned, these workouts are definitely not easy, and you’ll be breaking a sweat in no time. 

 Jenny Ford

Looking to get some cardio in without having to run or bike? Then you’ll love Jenny Ford. She offers some excellent step aerobic workouts. Yes, step aerobics is still a thing. Never done step aerobics before? No problem! Jenny has some excellent beginner videos that go over the basic steps you’ll see in most of her workouts. Once you learn the basics, you can jump into some of her quick workouts or try out the longer 30-minute ones if you’ve got enough time and energy. If you’re not in the mood for step aerobics, Jenny also offers some weight training advice as well. 

Heidi Somers – Buff Bunny

How many women do you know don’t lift weight because they don’t want to get bulky? Sadly, this way of thinking limits your ability to reach your fitness goals. Weight lifting should be an integral part of your routine if you want to be fit and strong. Enter Heidi Somers. She offers excellent workouts to sculpt your muscles while still maintaining feminine qualities. Her videos focus more on traditional muscle training, such as squats, dead lifts, curls and more. This means you’ll need to get some more equipment for your home. You can also watch her videos while at the gym if you don’t have the space for a barbell. 

Hopefully these channels can get you started on your journey to fitness. You can—and should—find other fitness YouTube channels that you like and try them out as well. This way you’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from every day!

Do you have a favorite fitness YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author: Cassie is a freelance writer who has a passion for fitness. She’s so happy that technology has made it much easier for her to get in some good workouts without going to the gym.


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No Energy? No Time To Workout? You May Want To Read This…

Tips for energy

This post brought to you by Clif Bar & Company. The content and opinions expressed below are that of 4-Hour Body Girl.

No Energy? No Time To Workout? You May Want To Read This…

Since having my baby, my body just isn’t the same. Heck, my life isn’t the same. Before I got pregnant, I was in tip-top shape. I felt so beautiful during my pregnancy too. I was really lucky and lost the baby weight right away, but then, as soon as I stopped breast feeding, things changed. I started feeling more drained, which I didn’t think was even possible.  All of us (new) Moms know what I’m talking about right? I mean, we’re not sleeping properly, and, I think most of us are struggling to find time to eat nutritious meals in between everything else we’re doing. Right? How can we lose the baby weight and get back to feeling good if we have no energy? How can we have energy if we aren’t giving our bodies the proper fuel? Am I the only one feeling this way? If you too are feeling No Energy? No Time To Workout? You May Want To Read This…

Luckily, I came across a great nutritious solution. I’m sure you’ve already heard of them, but if you haven’t, CLIF BAR is crafted with nutritious ingredients. Now they’ve come up with these super handy, on-the-go, delicious oatmeal food packs! How great is that? 

Whether you’re a busy Mom, or training for your next Iron Man Triathlon, or anything in between, these energy boosting packs are your answer. CLIF Organic Energy Food Pouches now come in 2 new flavors Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, which is my personal fave, and Banana Maple Oatmeal.  What I also love about them is that they’re Organic, have no corn syrup, and are GMO-Free. If you’re a regular reader, you know how I feel about all that stuff! They are the perfect energy source for before beginning a workout session.

CLIF Organic Energy Food

Since we are all about high protein/low carb here at 4 Hour Body Girl, I have to mention their CLIF Builder’s Bar  as well. CLIF Builder’s is a great-tasting high-protein bar crafted to help provide nutrition for total body fitness, it is great to recover after a hard workout session.

CLIF Builder’s Bars

  • Offers 20g of complete protein to help build and repair muscle
  • Carbohydrates to help replenish energy stores and help get you ready for your next workout
  • Zero grams trans-fat, does not contain partially-hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup
  • Sources ingredients that are not genetically engineered
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals to support protein metabolism

Love, Love,Love

So now that we have the solution to get our energy up to exercise, who has time to do that? I’ve been dropping my son off at daycare and then running around the lake near my home on the way back  as quickly as possible before I start work. Okay, I’m not very fast. The lake is only 1/2 a mile around, BUT I figure it’s better than nothing right?. LOL! If I run it as fast as I can, it only takes me about 5 – 10 min. I told you I’m not very fast. Anyway, I’m into these quick effective workouts these days. I’ve filled my Pinterest board with them and created a playlist on youtube as well, but I also stumbled upon Bob Seebohar. Have you heard of him?

Heather Blaise with Clif Food |

Bob Seebohar is a Sports Nutrition Expert,  who created easy everyday workout and nutrition tips that will energize your body pre, during and post-workout. A competitive athlete for more than 30 years and is one of the top sports dietitians in the country; he may know a thing or 2.

Check out the following tips that would be super easy to incorporate into everyday life…

  • Bob Seebohar workout tips:
    • Carry a smaller-sized water bottle (20oz or less), and drink it! Every few hours when you get up to refill, do 10 squats at the water cooler, and another 10 before you sit down at your desk.
    • Make a daily push up goal, and complete in blocks throughout the day. If your goal is 100 per day – do 25 when you wake up, 25 before lunch, 25 in the afternoon, and 25 before bed. Track them on a post it note or a smartphone so you have a visual of your accomplishment.
    • To ensure you have the nutrition energy to workout, carry healthy snacks and a few CLIF Organic Energy Food Oatmeal (COEF) packets with you in your purse or gym bag. A COEF Oatmeal flavor provides pre-exercise energy to get you through a workout successfully.
    • Two benefits to strength training: it doesn’t take long and it doesn’t require special equipment. Alternate body weight exercises for 15 minutes (walking lunges, chair dips and burpees) for a quick and effective workout.
    • Reverse pyramid routines are a great way to build strength in a quick workout. Choose 1-2 upper body and 1-2 lower body moves for each exercise, starting with 10 reps on your right, then 10 on your left. Follow with 8 on each side, then 6, then 4 – no rest in-between. A Clif Builder’s Protein Bar is great after a workout like this as it gives you an optimal amount of carbohydrates and protein for effective recovery.

Here’s A Graphic To Make It Even Easier For You To Remember. You could Pin it for later…


I hope this makes it easier for you to get stay healthy and fit. Remember,

I always say. You may be tired, but these are easy fixes to boost your energy levels and get moving! So throw a few of these handy packs into your diaper bag wherever you go. 

No Energy? No Time To Workout? No Excuses!

Heather Blaise with Builder's Bars |

Chocolate Mint is my favorite.

Have you tried any CLIF Organic Energy Food or Builder’s bars yet? Do you have any quick and easy food-on-the-go tips and quick effective workouts that you like to do? Would you agree, if we take care of ourselves and make health our first priority, it makes us better parents? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.  Here’s to your health, wealth, and happiness.  

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